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Gena Milanesi



Her bold layers of paint function to achieve a distinct energy with oil, acrylic & other mixed mediums. As a dual-citizen of the United States & United Kingdom, she constantly retracts to her roots as a source of inspiration. Her work presents a simultaneous exploration of the contemporary that reoccurs showing concepts of newness & practices of the past. Her recent works interpret various imagery using monochromatic hues to underscore juxtaposed content in a straightforward manner. Milanesi's work adorns the walls of celebrities, professional athletes & notable executives. She has been part of group exhibitions in New York, London, Los Angeles, & Miami's Art Basel. Her versatile style has also attracted corporate entities such as Gibson Brands, Nike, ESPN, Casamigos Tequila, Veterinary Clinics of America, Bloomingdale's and she is the only licensed artist for the NBA, MLB & NHL with JH Design Group. Milanesi graduated from the University of Southern California & currently resides in Los Angeles.As many begin their exploration in the blockchain space, Milanesi believes that this is a winning action for artists. Not only is there increased visibility for a piece of fine art, but there is also a distinct level of market transparency. The numerous capabilities of NFTs lend artists excitement and relief, especially the instant transaction of funds into your cryptic wallet. This space will inevitably contribute to creative productivity and great artistic promise.

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