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Trey Speegle



Using one of the world’s largest collections of vintage paint-by-number paintings (3000 & counting) Trey Speegle uses humor, affirmations and word play that resonate with broad, Pop appeal. Speegle has collaborated with Stella McCartney, Squarespace, Anthropologie, and others. In 2014, he created the 'DRINK UP!' mural for Michelle Obama’s Partnership for a Healthy America, which was exhibited at the New Museum in NYC. His work is in the collections of Jonathan Adler, Jason Mraz and the Mircosoft Art Collection, among others. In 2016 Regan Arts released his book, “YES: Transform Your Life with Color By Number. His @SpeegleStudio, @TheRePOPShop & @Gallery_52 are housed in a former gas station in upstate New York in the Catskill Mountains. “I consider my work, Pop Conceptual art. Paint by number began as craft in the 50s, but to me it’s the world’s largest conceptual art project, that predates Pop Art of the 60s. Besides being a new medium, fundamentally, NFT Crypto Art is Pop Conceptualism. Conceptual art is the art of the idea; starting with Duchamp’s urinal, to Warhol’s Brillo Box, to Maurizio Cattelan’s banana taped to a wall, right up to today’s NFTs. We are STILL debating what art is. "Art, as always, is whatever the artist says art is, but no matter what the medium, it needs the viewer to be activated.

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